Manage your startup's finances and plans

Easy financial forecasting software for startups & small businesses.

Stop wasting your precious time on cumbersome and boring spreadsheets.
Project multiple "what if?" scenarios and be prepared for the best and the worst.
Plan for hiring sprees, new funding rounds, contingencies, and more!
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Financial Dashboard and Financial Forecasting
Financial Forecasting
"This product will change the way you manage your business forever."
- Paul Feezel, VP of Operations
Rachel Systems
Financial Dashboard
"I can't get this type of visibility out of QuickBooks or Excel spreadsheets. Nice."
- Adam Metz, Principal
METZ Consulting

Simple web-based financial forecasting software

Stop guessing on your projections, use data to more accurately predict the future of your business. With 60mo you get easy to use forecasting software without spending hundreds of dollars and weeks of setup.
Financial projections are the most tedious part of starting (or managing) a business. 60mo demystifies the process by providing nearly real-time integrations with your bank account and credit cards and reconciling your actual income and expenses against your forecasted numbers.
Whether you're just starting up and need a pro-forma P&L to show investors or you're a profitable business that needs to plan for the future, 60mo's powerful forecasting engine allows you to create a business plan that makes sense for you.

Dashboard Status

Monitor your business's vital stats

Share Pro-Forma P&L

Invite your investors, accountant, etc.

Business Budgeting

Build and stick to a spending budget

Integrations with Banks and Credit Cards

Integrate banks and accounting software

Auotomated and Free

Automatic categorization of expenses

Reporting and Charts

Visualize spending and income

Scenarios and Plans

Create "What If?" scenarios and plans